5 Tips for College Students Who Are Remote Learning

More and more students prefer learning remotely. Why not? Online learning offers a lot of advantages, from flexible schedules to not going to the campus.

However, it does not necessarily mean that online learners do not face any challenges in their learning environment. Learners in the regular classroom have a particular place to be at a certain time, while online learners have to attend virtual classes and complete their assignments and homework on their own time.

For such a thing, online learners require a high level of discipline on using their time practically within a day. Based on my experience, remote learning needs some adjustments.

So, if you are having a hard time with your remote learning, you can consider my tips below:

  1. Create A Routine that Works Well for You

Remote learning means we do not need to stick with the college or university schedule. This also means that we can create our routine. I establish a routine that works well for me.

For instance, I build my schedules based on the parts of a day when I feel motivated to solve equations, read excerpts, watch lectures, write essays, or review notes. That way, I never feel bad for the parts of the day where I feel less motivated to study.

After I determine my most productive times of the day, I start planning everything. I pick the best time of day to wake up, take a shower and get dressed, eat breakfast, and so on. My daily routine helps me prime my mind for remote learning. The routine I created also helped my friends and family understand that they should not disturb me during those times.

  1. Look for an Ideal Study Space

Every online learner has an ideal learning space. They also select materials they need to have that space. One of the best parts of learning remotely is that I have the freedom to decide what to do with my study space.

On my table, I set up my laptop and mouse along with other learning materials. I discovered that some of my fellow online learners have an extended display for their PCs or an extra table for their textbooks. It only means that remote learning offers endless possibilities when it comes to learning space.

For remote learners who have space, they can assign a study area away from any distractions. I avoid places like bedrooms and common family areas since I usually do some leisure activities in them.

  1. Manage Your Workloads

As I mentioned earlier, studying remotely gives us the freedom to establish and organize our schedule based on our liking. It also allows me to manage my workload. For example, I often draw up a calendar of tasks, projects, and classes. In return, it is easier for me to picture the things I need to complete.

  1. Know Your Limitations

Being in a university space enables us to stay connected with other people naturally. It also gives us the opportunity to socialize within or outside of class. I even approach my teachers easily for feedback or ask for help on my schoolwork. However, as I entered the remote learning setup, I realized that those opportunities do not exist.

Online learners should develop patience with themselves while determining the setting that works well for them. Whenever I have a mental block while new topics are coming my way, I do not push it.

Every time I feel my mind starts to wander or zone out during online classes, I am not getting too hard with myself. I go for a quick walk or grab a snack to clear my heat. That way, I go back feeling refreshed.

  1. Ask for Help

Some challenges may inevitably come my way with remote learning, or some materials are hard to understand. For me to eliminate these problems, I email, call, or even set up a virtual meeting with my teachers. I also try reaching out to my friends who already survived those situations and get some helpful advice. In fact, it was one of my friends who suggested I use a screen recording software made available through websites like https://www.loom.com/ to record my classes and replay them if I have any doubts or overlooked anything during the class. That was such a life saver!

Just like regular classrooms, remote learning also presents some challenges. Instead of losing confidence or feel anxious, you can try the above tips, and you will see some improvements in your learning setup.