Is Your Child Struggling? Here Are Some Tips on What to Do

Having children is among the greatest blessings you can receive in life. Meanwhile, there are some instances that your child may struggle. They may be stressed and feel lonely, which may also affect their academic and athletic performance.


If not given attention, your child can have feelings of anger, frustration, worry, sadness, and even depression. Therefore, you must do something to help your child. The following are some tips you can do if your child is struggling.


Allow your child to put his or her feelings into words

The behavior of your child can depend on how they feel. With that, you must let them put their feelings into words. You need to be a good listener and understand their feelings so this can make them feel that they are valued and supported.


Give your child optimal support


If you observe that your child is struggling, shower him or her with optimal support. You can ask them how you can help them to feel better. Show your child that you love her or him.


Encourage your kids to be honest

You can encourage your children to be honest and tell you about their feelings. With this, they will tell you everything that can make them feel down and sad. It is essential to build the personality and character of your child.


Allow your children to keep in touch with their loved ones

Your child can also worry about their loved ones like a relative or friend. So, allow them to keep in touch with the people who are important to them. You can allow them to call their grandparents or friends or have video chats to reduce their sadness or anxiety.


Show your child that you love them very much

Show your child how much you love them. Say ‘I love you’ more often and give them extra hugs. It can ease their sadness and feel that they are special.


Help them enjoy healthy routines

The well-being of your child is very important and if they are struggling, you can help them to enjoy healthy routines. Allow them to play happily outside with their friends and feed them nutritious and healthy foods.

It is also necessary to allow them to exercise regularly to increase their immune system. They can do sports or any hobby that can increase their fitness and confidence. You can set their schedule of the day like waking up routine, breakfast, active play during the morning, snack, schoolwork, exercise, chores, social time with their friends, and bedtime routine.

Additionally, you should take your child to consult with a pediatrician in order to determine their overall health. This is necessary as they are still growing and as such they can be prone to catching illnesses as a result of not taking care of their health. For instance, oral hygiene is important as the mouth and the surrounding area is delicate. If you suspect that your child’s oral health is poor since they haven’t been brushing well, then you can consider consulting a healthcare professional from these oahu pediatrics services (or similar providers in other locations). They can provide valuable guidance and support to ensure your child’s overall well-being, thereby helping you integrate healthy habits seamlessly into their daily life.


Apply positive discipline for your child

Sometimes, your child doesn’t know to recognize right or wrong. You can apply positive discipline for your child for their personal development. They may suffer from stress, fear, or anxiety so that you can discipline them in a positive way. By disciplining them, they can learn to manage their behavior and emotions. There are times that they show bad behavior because of boredom. You can offer them something to do that can make them feel happy and enjoyable. Convince them to play creatively.

For example, they can draw pictures of their favorite toy or family and friends. Allow them to grow by enjoying the things that they love to do. You may also use privileges and rewards to encourage your child to practice good behaviors. It can be helpful if you reward your child as they complete their chores, school assignments, and getting along with their siblings. It can also ease their stressful times.


Address the fears of your children


Your child can be struggling due to their fears so tell them that they are safe with you. Assure them that you’re ready to help them, so they must not be afraid of telling the reasons for their fears.



As a parent, you must help your child, especially if they are struggling. As much as possible, make them feel that they are loved, special, and cared for. Offer your child the support that they deserve. By applying the tips, we mentioned in this article, we hope you can help your child overcome their struggles, fear, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and other insecurities.