Should You Pursue a Career in Packaged Foods?

Interested in a career in the food packaging industry? The packaged foods sector has changed the way we eat, and technology has aided it in reaching new heights.

By 2025, the food packaging industry in the US is predicted to develop at a pace of 3.5%, making it the most important market in North America. The packaging industry has witnessed many new concepts and ideas over recent years. Technology, innovation, and sustainability have all been critical investments.

Today, packaged foods is a massive sector that employs more than half a million people in the United States and pays them well. Employees earn between $28,750 and $86,400 per year in the packaged foods industry.

This sector ensures that a product’s safety extends beyond the product itself. Because employees have direct contact with the goods and must ensure that no element has an influence on them, the packaging of a product is quite vital.

To maintain a safe and sanitary food packaging procedure, the food industry adheres to tight government standards.

With all this information, the burning question is: Is packaged foods a good career path?

Is Packaged Foods a Good Career Path?

Everyone wishes to pursue a rewarding career that will last a long time. Packaged foods, as an industry, has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

However, it was nothing like what we see nowadays. It grew due to entrepreneurship, the industrial revolution, and, most crucially, how rapidly we, as customers, embraced it.

Furthermore, the packaged foods business is expanding globally as a result of healthier packaged meals.

There’s only one clear answer here – of course, food packaging jobs are an excellent option!

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What Jobs Are Available in the Food Packaging Industry?

As previously stated, there are numerous employment prospects accessible in the packaged food industry, so it’s never too late to learn a new occupation.

Here’s a list of some of the most prevalent job openings in food companies:

Packaging Manager

Packaging managers are in charge of the operation floor. Their tasks include:

  • Ensuring there’s enough stock of raw materials
  • Making sure there are sufficient human resources daily
  • Offering direction to other employees

This position remains one of the most important as a shortage of raw materials can obstruct the entire functioning of the factory. These people may use different tools and equipment like a stair ladder, for instance, to keep a look at the stock available in the inventory. It is apparently important as they simply cannot go wrong with their evaluation.

Packaging Engineer

This position holds a great deal of importance in packaged food companies. Packaging engineers are in charge of the critical duties that are required to start a packaging company. They may need to ensure that all the machinery like Vibratory Conveyor Equipment, compressors, and tumblers are working properly. Along with that, their responsibilities also include:

  • Reducing package manufacturing costs
  • Choosing the most cost-effective packaging materials
  • Improving designs of existing packaging
  • Package durability testing

The engineer may also be required to come up with solutions that can make the entire process more efficient. For example, getting the assistance of ERP consultants like Syte Consulting Group to tackle current challenges and bring operational efficiency to the forefront.

Packaging Specialist

These people work alone or in collaboration with packaging engineers to create the finest possible food packaging. This role is also known as a packaging designer.

What exactly does a packaging expert do? They

  • Ensure that all packaging is safe
  • Design packages

Packaging Line Supervisor

A line supervisor is hired by the food production industry to ensure flawless manufacture and packing. Their duties consist of:

  • Monitoring workers to avoid any fatal accidents.
  • Ensuring that workers follow health and safety regulations such as wearing safety gloves (probably sourced from unigloves) and hair nets.
  • Planning and managing the daily workflow and routines to ensure the smooth occurrence of routine tasks.
  • Ensuring there’s no faulty packaging.

Packaging Machine Operator

Without packaging machine operators, the packaging industry would be nothing. They are also the silent heroes of the packaged food business sector.

The job of a packaging operator includes:

  • Repairing and developing current and new machinery
  • Ensuring that the tools and packaging machines are operating smoothly
  • Confirming that all machines are clean so they can operate at maximum capacity

What Salaries Can People Expect to Make in the Food Industry?

Earnings vary depending on talent and type of job, with higher salaries going to designers who work on presentation and aesthetics and lower salaries going to those who work on the production line. So, it is worth doing your research to work out how much you could expect to earn.

In the US, the national average compensation for the packaging industry is $31,730 per year.

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Are there Employment Opportunities in the Food Industry?

Yes, there are. Designers, line workers, engineers, and many other professionals can find work in the industry. Some corporations are multinationals with publicly traded shares and dividends, while others are smaller and privately held.

Transporting, presenting, protecting, and displaying small and large objects all require packaging. Molded foam, bubble wrap, and other packaging products are used by food companies in the food manufacturing industry to preserve their products from damage.

Challenges the Packaged Food Industry Offers

Legal and industry challenges are all too familiar in the packaged food industry. Many people concentrate on the packaging of specific foods, such as medicine, food, or toys.

They gain experience in a specialized industry in order to provide more services to their consumers and can help design new packaging standards.

A food manufacturing company might be asked to create packaging from the ground up for specific applications and consumers. In other circumstances, they create standard packaging with the necessary marks and markings printed on it, or they provide raw packaging for the purchaser to mark and customize. Glass beverage bottles, for instance, can be mass-produced and supplied to many manufacturers. During the bottling process, the producer will put the private label on the glass.

There are also many regulations and safety standards that need to be complied with in terms of packaging and equipment technology. Apart from this, the food and beverage industry continues to grow at a rapid pace which has an impact on food packaging technology. Aside from extensive costs, packaged foods companies need to worry about regulating temperatures, implementing quality processes with these packaging technologies, packaging quality, and much more.

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Final Verdict: Is the Packaged Foods Industry a Good Career Path?

Are food packaging industry jobs a good idea? There is so much room available for growth in the food and beverage industry.

Food manufacturing is a high-tech sector. Consumers, on the other hand, desire natural, good food that is attractively packaged, has a longer shelf life, and is inexpensive. Online food retailing and convenience food sales are rising at the same time.

When it comes to providing perishable items to consumers as quickly as possible, this opens up new opportunities for engineers. Food manufacturing companies are looking for people who are self-starters and prepared to try new things.