Top 5 Tips to Educate Kids with Behavioral Issues

No matter how good kids are, home-life problems, challenges with peers, and hormones can affect their behavior and make them troublesome.

Learning how to discipline kids with behavior problems is a big challenge for parents and teachers. You may even encounter kids with highly challenging behaviors regardless of what methods you have tried.

On the positive side, when adults around them make the changes in how they interact, respond, and reach with them, teaching them becomes easier. If it is your first time dealing with these kids or want to improve your current teaching method, you can take a look at the tips below:

Tip #1: Acknowledge Their Efforts Verbally 

Tell the children what they did that you are proud of. Once they get positive feedback, they end up doing it more often. Children do several things to please adults. So, praising them has a positive impact on them and it is also an easy and effective way to give them the attention they crave.

For instance, you can say, “I heard from your parents that you worked hard on your assignments last night. Keep up the good work.” 

Tip #2: Prevent the Behavioral Issue Occurrences 

Teaching in an environment with kids with behavior problems requires strategies that can prevent behavioral issue occurrences. Every kid’s needs are different from one another, but there is a simple step to avoid the issues as a group.

During high-risk periods, you can increase the amount of supervision. Ensuring that the tasks you assigned to the kids provide them a little bit of information at a time, you can avoid the stress factors that drive them to misbehave. Dividing the lessons can make them feel less overwhelmed.

Instead of having a strict routine in the classroom, you can provide the kids with choices. For instance, they can pick which project they wish to work on.

Additionally, ensure that they reach out for help. Most behavior problems occur because they do not know that they can receive help or feel that it is available. Give them an assurance they can always reach out for help. So, once they feel comfortable reaching for you every time they are overwhelmed or upset, they will not have an outburst.

Tip #3: Acknowledge Their Feelings with Empathy 

You need to be understanding whenever they feel nervous, particularly if it is their first time trying something. You also need to extend your understanding when they are frustrated because they are doing a project, embarrassed because other students teased them, or disappointed because they cannot join a school trip.

Instead of saying, “You will get over it,” “Stop making it a big deal,” or “Why are you having a hard time completing this project? It is very easy,” make emphatic statements. You can say, “It’s common to feel nervous when trying new things, so I understand your situation.” 

Tip #4: React Accordingly 

If behavioral problems on kids are already in front of you, ensure to reach them accordingly.

You can repair the social conflicts between two children through apologies. You need to ensure that the apologies are encouraged by both sides. Another way to deal with behavioral issues is by simply ignoring the behavior. In return, the kids will feel that it’s useless to outburst because they will not get anything.

Besides defining the privileges that the children have, you need to set a rule system in place. For instance, once they break the rules, they cannot talk with friends or have free time.

Tip #5: Integrate Their Interests 

You can ask the kids what they get excited about their accomplishments, what they enjoy, their opinions about some things, or what they want to learn. Then, try to incorporate their interests in the learning environment.

Allow the children to choose which topic they are interested in for specific activities. That way, getting their attention is not a challenge. In some instances, they are the ones who will volunteer to do things.


Using the above tips and strategies will result to positive behavior changes in the long run. While you cannot gain this result overnight, you will find the strategy effective and easy to implement. Just keep trying!