What to Do If Your Marriage Is Struggling And You Have Kids?

One of the most challenging situations you may experience is when you’re struggling in your marriage, and you have kids. It can be challenging for you to stay or leave. Meanwhile, divorce can have adverse effects on the children, so you need to think twice before deciding.

If your marriage is struggling and you have kids, this post is for you. We will provide you some tips on what to do during this difficult situation.


Start over again 


One way to cope with struggling marriage is to start over again. You can talk with your partner about how you did the first time and how your love story began. Maybe this will help, so both of you will remember to value each other again.


Get counseling 


You may also get counseling to improve your communication with your partner. Anything is possible if both of you cooperate with the counseling.


Don’t take each other for granted 


Learn to appreciate and value each other. Don’t take your spouse for granted.

Say ‘thank you for every effort that your partner makes. You can celebrate anniversaries and compliment your lover’s new haircut.

Ask your partner out. Pay attention even to the little things and show that you value your marriage and relationship.


Choose to love 


If your marriage is struggling and you have kids, we suggest you choose to love. You can be more mature and show your affection to your spouse.

With this, you can make your spouse feel loved, which can also solve your marriage problems.


Consider the happiness of your spouse 


If you consider your partner’s happiness, you may nurture gratitude, trust, affection, and generosity with each other. It can also result in physical intimacy.


Surround yourself with individuals in healthy relationships 


If you’re struggling with your marriage, it is better to surround yourself with people in healthy relationships. You can get advice from those who value their marriage, so you can make yours work.


Put your relationship first, including your children 


Although you may have different priorities, you need to put your relationship first as well as your children. With this, you can be happier with your partner. It is also beneficial for the well-being of your child.


Pray for your partner 


For sure, you launched your marriage with prayers and promises. You can also pray for your partner and ask for guidance to solve the struggle in your marriage.


Choosing to stay with your marriage for your kids 


As you choose to stay with your marriage, you can prevent your children from emotional damage. You can even reshape your marriage, forgive each other and start again. It is also helpful to take care of yourself while taking care of your kids and partner.

Make sure to have enough sleep and eat a nutritious and balanced diet. You can also give time for yourself. You may spend time on your interests and hobbies that you love for few minutes daily.

If you’re struggling with your marriage, we advise you to set a positive mindset. Keep in mind that difficulties in your marriage are temporary. You can focus on gratitude and appreciate your positive experiences. Be patient with your partner and your children.

Learn to savor the happy times with your kids and partner, so stresses and struggles will not weigh down your relationship. You can make a balance for the activities with your kids and partner. It is also a good thing to have an emotional support system where you can share the challenging aspects of marriage and parenting.




There are times that you may struggle with your marriage. It can be hard to make decisions, especially if you have kids. However, there are still ways you can do to save your marriage. You can apply the things we mentioned above to solve your marriage problems.

Please take note that divorce can negatively impact your children, so before making decisions, consider their well-being. Separation of parents can make a child depressed, unmotivated, and sick. Therefore, you should make decisions that will help your child. Remember that there can be some sacrifices in your marriage, but your effort is worth it.