Looking To Work Post-Retirement? What Options Are There?

A newly retired person has a list as long as your arm of things they want to do after they leave the workforce. Some retirees look forward to traveling, while others relish the chance to spend more time with the family. Still, others want to relax on the beach. Whatever the reason, retirement should be a time for relaxation, not a career transition. However, many retiring seniors are not prepared for what lies ahead.

Retirement is a great time to sit back and relax in a senior assisted living facility and enjoy your golden years. It can also be a great time to pursue new adventures and hobbies. If you always wanted to take that vacation to Europe or be able to visit your grandchildren more often, or simply have a more flexible schedule, retirement is a perfect time. But, what options do you have once you’re ready to go back to work? There are a number of options open to you that allow you to work from home. Similarly, there are various other jobs for senior adults for part-time or freelance work that they can do from the comfort of retirement homes or senior assisted living facilities. That said, for many people, the ability to use your current skills is a great benefit, as it helps make the transition back to work much easier.

Why Get a Job After Retirement?

There’s nothing wrong with continuing to work after retirement. It can help you stay active, productive, and social, which is important for your health. It can also help you feel important and improve your self-esteem. And it can boost your sense of purpose, which is important for your mental health.

  • Retirement in stages – This post is about how phased retirement can be a great option for retirees, especially those nearing retirement. It works like this: after a certain age, an employee can take phased retirement, meaning they work fewer hours for a fixed period of time.
  • Financial – While retirement means no punching a time clock, it doesn’t mean quitting work completely. A job or career, even in retirement, can not only keep you busy, but it could also help keep you financially afloat, especially in times when you would need medical assistance or senior respite care. Long-term investments such as real estate can take years to come to fruition, and in the meantime, you might get crushed by inflation.
  • Lifestyle – Retirement is a time to have fun, travel, and do what you want. You’re no longer tied to a job, and you no more have to listen to a boss, as such. And the little responsibilities you may have, in regard to taking care of yourself, you can leave that too to a provider of senior care at home. With his/her assistance, you will have your entire time to yourself, which you can spend playing with grandkids, volunteering, or mastering a new hobby.

Best Jobs for Retirees

Your retirement years are likely to be more action-packed than you think, and with that comes a responsibility to make sure you’re continuing to work to your advantage. One way to do that is by making sure you retire in the right job.

  1. Substitute teacher – The best jobs for retirees are often those that keep learning, and substitute teaching is just such a job. While teaching does not put one in the classroom with students, it still requires learning, which is hardly a bore for retirees. The only catch is that most teaching jobs will require at least a bachelor’s degree, and teaching certifications.
  2. Retail – The retail industry might seem like a boring job, but that is not true. With the option of meeting different kinds of people, you get a chance at living a life free of loneliness post-retirement — think sales and showroom experts (more about these at Get Outdoor Jobs). Plus, this would be a niche-oriented position, meaning that you would know about your industry in and out. As they say, no knowledge is ever wasted — perhaps you can use it to get a better job when you leave your current retail company.
  3. Pet sitter – One of the best things you can do to combat this anxiety and boredom is to become a pet sitter. Whether you’re looking for a part-time hobby, or a full-time income source, becoming a pet sitter is a great way to utilize your new skills as a retiree and spend time with some of your furry friends, too.
  4. Freelance writer – Retirees past a certain age can find some great freelance writing jobs online. It is easier than ever to find writing and blogging projects, particularly with the internet. Many professional writers are retiring and supplementing their income by working online as freelance writers.
  5. Freelance consultant – Freelance consulting is a viable option for retirees, especially those who love information-for example, retirees with accounting, sales, or marketing experience are in luck.

Retirement is an opportunity to enjoy life after decades of hard work. But it also comes with the realization that working professionals have a lot less free time. Many of us look forward to the time we have to spend with family and friends and doing things we enjoy. But for many, retirement means more time working, which can lead to feelings of isolation and boredom.

Retirement life can provide a new sense of purpose and meaning. Research, talk to a few peers, and make some decisions. If you think working after retirement age is right for you, moving to a smaller space can offer a fresh perspective, new hobbies, and a renewed sense of well-being.